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Quality coming from old crafts

The small fishing village Marzamemi, on the southeast coast of Sicily, together with its history, fishermen and tuna fish come back to life thanks to Antica Tonneria.

A place where the passion for the sea tinges every corner, nourishes everything, and sits deep within its people and its fishermen. These artisans of the sea, deeply respecting the centuries-old tradition of their old craft, bring to our table the bluefin tuna, one of the finest fish of the Mediterranean.

Antica Tonneria was born from all of this: the taste of the sea at dawn, a skilled fisherman’s hands cutting fresh-caught fish, the smell of the fishnets, the passion for good food shared under the sunlight.

Antica Tonneria offers you a 360° food experience so you can touch, feel and taste the Sicilian sea through the exquisite quality of its tuna.

Our tuna fish is caught and hand processed with passion in Marzamemi, following the old tradition thoroughly. Then it gets preserved in olive oil produced on Agrigento hills.

Now you can experience the sicilian seaside on your table.


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